Privacy Policy


This Data Protection Policy – Privacy Policy (hereinafter: the “Policy”) explains how The Change Companee collects your personal data, how these data are used and who manages them. The Change Companee strives to protect your privacy and the security of your personal information.

Personal data shall be stored only in case you make them available – e.g. by completing the application for the program, by which you give consent for their processing.

Please read this Policy in order to understand the provisions related to your privacy protection.


Persons are all natural persons who entrust us with their personal data.

The Site is a website at:

Site User is any person who accesses our Site.

Program Participant is a natural person who applies for any of the programs organized by The Change Companee via the Site.

Data is any information that refers to a natural person whose identity is determined or can be determined, directly or indirectly on the basis of such information.

Cookies Policy is a set of special rules on the collection of certain personal data on the Site through cookies, which is an integral part of the Privacy Policy.

Consent is the consent to the personal data processing given by accessing the Site and leaving the data via the Site, or otherwise to the address of The Change Companee.

Who is this Policy applied to

This Policy shall be applied to: Program Participants and other Site Users.

How and when we collect your personal data

We collect data primarily from you when you visit our Site, when you apply to attend the program or when you otherwise provide us with your personal information.

Each method of data collection has its purpose and legal basis, and the collected data shall be kept confidential.

In some places on this Site there may be links to other sites that do not belong nor are controlled by The Change Companee. The fact that certain links may be placed on the Site does not mean we are responsible for access to those sites, nor can we influence how the owners of these sites collect personal data.

Purpose and basis for personal data collected

Program Participants:

Purpose: In the event that a person wants to apply for one of the programs organized by The Change Companee through the Site, he/she will be required to provide certain personal data so that we can enable attendance and keep records of the applied persons.

Data: Name and surname of the participant, email address, telephone number, year of birth, information on availability for attending the program, information on prior knowledge and other personal data contained in documents submitted by the Participant through the Site or entered into the program application.

Basis: Processing is necessary to conclude a contract on the program attendance. It is necessary to obtain the data in order to conclude the contract.

Site User:

Purpose: In the event that a Site User wants to contact The Change Companee through the Site.

Data: Any data a Site User decides to submit by sending an e-mail message / inquiry.

Basis: Processing is necessary to respond to an e-mail message / inquiry.

Publication of photos / videos:

Purpose: The Change Companee may publish photos on the website or in its publications, photos submitted by the person only or photos taken by The Change Companee while attending the program.

Data: Photo or video

Basis: The Person shall give consent for a photo publication.

In addition to the data listed here, we also collect certain personal data through cookies in accordance with the “Cookies Policy”.

Who we can share your data with

Personal data is not shared with any third parties.

The right to withdraw consent

In case the data processing is based on your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time. We shall register the revocation of further data processing as soon as possible (the revocation will be recorded so that further data processing shall not be carried out). Withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of data processing based on the given consent before its withdrawal.


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