When it comes to organizational change and evolution, challenges continue to be more common than success, especially in current paralyzed world economies. As we continuously experience changes and uncertainty, the challenge is not only to get the systems, process and structures right, but also to help and support people through these individual transitions, which can sometimes be intensely traumatic involving fear, loss of power, prestige and identity. Despite continued production and company growth, employees remain disengaged. The lack of a sense of purpose, self-expression, creativity and value ownership is often linked to this motivational descent.


This disturbing state highlights an emerging need for the development of a working environment that allows for transformation and creation. To take this journey, how about forgetting what we know from our past work experience and start listening to what is in our guts and in our DNA in order to create our new working purpose? Organizations founded on purpose and distributed power and co-leadership, collective intelligence and enhanced creativity, are opening entirely new markets. This requires a specific type of leadership that resists taking control when challenges arise, but rather support and empower the team to define how they will move forward.

Can you imagine an organization/company with no job descriptions or promotions, few meetings, your customers are your community and long-term purpose is the decision-making trigger, where surfing and fun are among reasons to get a job, where the whole company goes to Burning Man…


Individuals and organizations that expand their awareness and use their learnings will benefit on the journey of transformation and likely be successful. This is why coaching at individual, team and organization levels is vital. There is no one-size-fits-all model for organizations, and every unit, group and team are unique. What is common, however, is the honesty, purpose, commitment and impressive engagement of so many people who are striving to create a better future and make an impact!


Dragana Čomić MILO ,PhD, ICF-ACC, CPCC

Photo Credit Amelia La Spada, Burning man, 2018.


My mission is to awake and empower a new generation of leaders with consciousness, clear intention, authenticity and responsibility. With corporate pharma executive experience, I bring strategic, international, and leadership background which helps to understand and relate to the changing environment and needs of the clients.  I use a unique combination of coaching systems, leadership expertise, alongside business and entrepreneurial acumen in service of empowering leaders with a renewed sense of purpose, authenticity and creativity.


As the founder of The Change Companee, I provide customized, experientially-based transformational programs for individuals and teams. My passion is helping teams uncover new creative spaces where they can transform and thrive to new types of organizations characterized by purpose, co-leadership and wholeness.


As a certified ICF-ACC and CPCC (Co-Active) Coach, I am curious, playful, and a creative leader, who speaks English, French and Serbian with extensive international corporate executive experience living in 5 countries. I hold a Pharmacy degree (University of Belgrade, Serbia), PhD degree (University Paris VII, France) and Executive Master’s degree in Coaching and Consulting for Change (INSEAD, France).

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