New Beginning – Power of Dreams

Photo Credit Dragana Čomić Milo

Are you dreaming? What are your dreams, fantasies, fears?

What was the last dream that you remember? Do you take time to stay with your dream after waking up? Do you reflect on your dreams? What is your dream telling you?

One dream stayed with me for a long time. I was with a group of people, it looked like some kind of convention, could be a stand-alone meeting which we have in the company in a big auditorium with many people. For some reason we had to take off our shoes. They were aligned next to our seats. My shoes were very different due to special decoration and felt good as I would be able to find them easy. The rows were multiple and it looks that we had to go back and forth and having different shoes was reassuring, I felt that I would be able to find them. It was so obvious and easy.

However, when I finally returned to my seat, I was not able to find them, therefore I couldn’t find my seat (myself?) either. I searched in many lines, which by now were not straight anymore and not always with paired shoes either. I could not believe that something so obvious at the first look was not possible anymore. What was the meaning of my dream?

A dream about shoes may symbolize how you are moving forward in your career path or spiritual path in life. Losing or forgetting your shoes: May suggest that you are unprepared or unwilling to take the next step or move forward in a waking life situation. It may indicate that you have forgotten an important step or you may not fully understand something important.

How much am I ready to change my life? I was in the middle of my career transition and most importantly on a new life journey. I realized that I was still filled with uncertainty and fear, mostly on an unconscious level.
Many nights passed and I couldn’t remember my dreams. I knew that I had to be patient and to wait for my dream to come. Finally, the waiting really paid off. I had a very powerful dream. Probably one of the most interesting dreams of my life. I know, I am making you curious…

I was in the dream, ageless, and time didn’t matter. The big news occurred in the dream: I was pregnant. In my “real” life being pregnant and having kids was something that I always knew would happen and that I strongly wanted. Learning in the dream that I was pregnant brought me on the level of serenity, wisdom, love, eternity. It was a very special profound timeless feeling.

It was evident that I was thinking about a baby and I knew how special his/her life will be. It felt that I had all the keys and the feeling of fullness and completion was within me and I knew that child will be fully blessed. And then the magic occurred, I felt the first baby move in my stomach. I woke up with a full memory of my dream and also a physical memory of the baby moving for the first time in my stomach. It was very impressive to be able to feel baby movements without being pregnant. And I knew. I knew that something very important was coming, the sign was very clear.

Dreams of being pregnant are a very common one and usually represents a new beginning or a new creation in your life. It is generally very positive and indicates growth in your life! The baby kicking inside could represent the idea that your creation or creative potential is trying to kick you to get your attention. 

I was so happy to be able to WAIT. Being patient is so important in the transition phase, as well as experiencing, sensing and trusting our dreams. They invite you and show you that the creative and discovering path is HERE already.

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