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Your space to tap into empowerment and manifest more of your leadership now

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Disruptive change and uncertainty: this is what 2020 has brought to many of us. It has also shown clearly that what we have always known and done is not enough or is completely inadequate to tackle challenges in even more rapidly changing circumstances.

In the center of all this change is you – you as the human being responsible for your world and fully capable of leading it to a better state. And doing it now. This is the fundamental belief and focus of our program.


Lead Now! Make it Real is a 4-week experiential-based leadership development program. It will provide space and resources for you to improve your awareness and gain practical experience manifesting more of your leadership. Imagine… if you knew yourself (your deepest aspirations and purpose) and had a clearer way to lead and make your purpose real, what would be possible for you and your contribution to the world? All of this can start now.

We are doing this together during four weeks with a 90-minute virtual session (module) per week. The virtual sessions will take place on the following dates and times:


“It was more and above my expectations. In the beginning I thought it would be more “informative”. It turned out to be experiential with so much sharing with each other that I could not believe it at the beginning. Experience: Change from the inside”.

“It was really inspiring and motivating. Learned a lot from you and the whole community. Thanks for bringing this to the world”.

“The program was wonderful experience of sharing. It slowed me down after busy work days. It made me reflect and connect with others on a deeper level”.

What’s the content of the modules? 

We start from self, go through connection and impact, and complete the program with manifestation based on what we took away from the previous modules. Here is a short outline of the 4 modules:


Each of us has a LEADER WITHIN who guides and inspire us providing our grounding force where your true motivation will spring.

We will explore: WHO ARE YOU AS A LEADER?


You’ll learn to EXPLORE ENERGY around you and how you can create from others and your surroundings. The meaning of dimensions of Space, Listening, and Presence


If everyone is worrying about today’s problems, think about tomorrow’s solutions. Don’t wait for things reactively, instead, be responsive and creative to what is needed, mobilizing your resources. How are you making an impact in the world? How are you demonstrating your purpose? What are you giving to life and to the world around you?


Freedom is not absence of commitment but the ability to choose – and commit myself to – what is best for me. Paulo Coelho

Here is when REAL talk and ACTION occur! How are you manifesting your leadership? How are you taking responsibility for impact in the world?

MAKE IT REAL! What are you doing to make the world a better place?

Is this program right for you?

The LEAD NOW! MAKE IT REAL program is open to individuals who:

1) are interested in growing their leadership through more self-awareness.

2) want to manifest more of their impact now.

What’s in it for you?

These four weeks will be your bridge to more awareness and more impact. You will explore your purpose, your connections with others and the world, and your impact. All of this with a focus on making them real and starting now.

The four modules of the program offer a safe and courageous space for you to demonstrate your leadership and possibilities for a greater impact in your world. Exploring various aspects of leadership in changing circumstances will help enable you to further step into taking responsibility and bringing more of your purpose to life. The interactive, contextual and experiential character of the program will provide an environment for effective learning and tangible outcomes.

What will be different after the program?

After the program, you will:

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