Reality is relative and I can change things – Olafur Ellisson

Photo Credit Dragana Čomić Milo

During my trip to Istanbul I went to visit İstanbul Modern, museum of modern arts. My attention was taken by one composition of glass balls, probably 100 of them in the irregular structure transparent with reflection of yellow, white and black colors while you walk silently next to them they will continuously changes the shades and colors. Being able to create that space between object and me and seeing that space changes by every step that I was making. In one way being a part of the art and make it alive. It is just beautiful. I continued the visit; however, that artist was still on my mind. I tried to recall other expos where composition was modifying as well as “moving and touching” with me. , it came to my mind. There are yellow glass mirrors in Foundation of Louis Vuitton (LVH) in Paris, next to the water, that invite you to hide and sick love game where you are never sure if you are in the mirror or in real… and it is so nice not to know if it is real or image. Yes, that was one of the five artists that Foundation LVH invited to make a contribution, it was Olafur Elliasson. This Berlin based artist creates experiences as much as art objects. You are on the artistic journey from being part of the narrative, feeling and seeing while touching, contributing to 1 000 000 lights project and exploring the importance of trust and safe space. His work invites you to feel so present and connect to space and movements that emerge and to surrender within reality and shadows.  

Indeed, the reality is relative. Must see…here is the link of his Retrospective at Tate Modern, London.

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