Curious and Creative at 100 years old – Pierre Soulages

Photo Credit Dragana Čomić Milo

December 24th, 2019… Christmas eve…Pierre Soulages today turned 100. What a special day. It feels like a ceremony, spiritual ritual, something to remember despite uncomfort feeling of how to mark this moment, day. Indeed, it is just a thought that I was holding with a joy of going in two days to see his work in Louvres, Paris.

Soulages has said, “My instrument is not black but the light reflected from the black.” Naming his own practice Outrenoir – Beyond Black, the paintings are created by playing with the light reflected off of the texture of the paint.

I remember seeing Pierre Soulages painting for the first time. Until then I was looking at art. Meeting Pierre’s work in Berlin was an experience that moved my whole body.

Then his retrospective took place in the fall of 2009 in Centre George Pompidou, Paris. Something breathtaking was occurring when facing his art work with endless black depth.  Every step while moving in front of paintings unraveled light, colors, emotions, movements.  Experience of the air and space between paintings and the observer, it was like a dance and game that continuously moved and evolved. Surprising, intriguing, mystic. Every moment was new and unpredicted, revealing simply the moment I was in.

Exploring his work was a trigger to discover and sense the space, to reflect, to observe light and movements and changes that occur as reflection of his painting, and to listen to internal awaking.  His remarkable work taught me to appreciate, deepen and keep discovering other meanings while playing.

Reflections of rainy streets are there to remind me to stay curious for lights and beauty of shades and forms. And to be available for the surprises!

Virtual exposition of Pierre Soulges. ENJOY!

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