We are all the same – Andréa Vamos

Photo Credit Dragana Čomić Milo

Andréa is French born artist who merges installation, photography and drawing. I have been following her art expression for the past few years. Her work reflects and emerges from dualities:  her double culture, consciousness and unconsciousness, real and fiction, light and shade, natural and artificial, expected and unexpected, and contradictions between poor and nobles/rich.

In her work Andréa is both critical and carrying and her installations take places in surprising and unpredicted places from beach in Normandie to seaside fields in Montenegro.

During Covid 19 lockdown Andréa has created numerous installations and compositions. She shared with me her intensive work during this period. It was often a “good morning” message with photos of her work with inspiring, lightening, alive, thoughtful artistic subjects that open and both deepen and lighten my day. When talked with her about those lockdown creative days she mentioned how powerfully she felt that WE ARE ALL THE SAME. The feeling of human and social equity brought to her the balance in expression and urgency to create. And the sense of connection, do we need to create space for connection, how unexpected events could open them and how vulnerable and ready are we to receive them?

To learn more about Andréa’s work go to: https://www.andreavamos.com/

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