Working with Dragana was an inspiring and intense time. It was great to be challenged on thoughts and perspectives. We immediately connected and we dived deep.

I have learned a lot about myself and I cannot express how grateful I am for having Dragana as part of my journey. I have defined my values and purpose and I live them every day.

She knew the right tools at the right time and she was able to guide me anytime. We shared tears and laughter and she was always encouraging me to go a step further. We have pushed limits and boundaries. We started taking walls down.

There are many moments where I think back and remember her words.

Nora, Switzerland

From the very first session with Dragana, a beautiful “butterfly” entered my life, which over time became my second nature.

While exploring and working together with Dragana, the “butterfly/she” changed the colors, shape of the wings, even adapting the environment to her, not just herself to the environment.

The coaching experience with Dragana helped “butterfly/me“ to become a true captain of my journey, both privately and professionally. Thank you Dragana for inspiring the “butterfly/me” with your energy and knowledge to find the right path. The biggest thing that I learned is how to be honest and gentle with myself and how to say “YES” to everything that awakens butterflies in my life.

Aleksandra, Serbia

Here are a few words about my experience with Dragana, the founder of The Changes Companee:

Three years ago, I wanted to share my professional experience in order to better manage my time, my stress, and define what was essential for me.

By working with Dragana, I discovered the approach based on my personal and professional values. Thanks to her coaching, I understood that these two environments are inseparable if you want to find balance in your life and to flourish and develop.

Dragana is completely attentive, interactive and generous. She helped me to connect my experiences with a vision and a framework. Therefore, I was able to put words on my needs, my desires, my frustrations and my ideas without judgment or guilt.

Dragana is positive in nature. With the regular support, I was able to prioritize my choices with a certain philosophy, which changed my vision of management and leadership in depth.

Even today, it is a pleasure, a learning opportunity and a moment of fresh air when I meet Dragana.

Andréa, France

I met Dragana in Co-Active Leadership Program.

We connected deep quickly and I enjoyed leading with her in a very committed, joyful and purposeful manner. She combines really wisely and intuitively her personal experience with a pure joy for discovering new paths in leadership.

I can’t wait to co-lead with her again!

Sergio, Spain

I had multiple opportunities to co-create and co-lead with Dragana in the area of leadership development and coaching. What amazed me every time is her incredibly creative and open approach and her outstanding ability to connect people with their essence and with what’s truly important to them. Dragana exudes energy and passion for what she does, and they are contagious! Collaborating with her is a source of inspiration and motivation that she passes on to her clients and participants in programs she creates and leads. Curiosity, growth mindset, and embracing what comes up in the moment coupled with extensive professional experience make her a leadership role model. She lives her purpose and makes a significant and loving contribution to helping people grow and making the world a better place.

Irina, Germany

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