Entrepreneur program

Entrepreneurs as real catalysts for growth and solution to our worldwide economic, environment woes.  You are in the front seat of navigating the current turbulence.

How to BE an entrepreneur in  challenging times, facing the unknown and uncertainty?  To make a difference in the world now  requires entrepreneurs to develop special skills.  We work on part of BEING exploring beliefs, inspirations, motivation as drivers for DOING. Focusing on the importance of AWARENESS, knowing yourself inside out and finding GROWTH, creativity and engagement.

This is ONE MONTH TAILORED program for YOU to access:

  • what motivates and drives you
  • your qualities and how you work best
  • how you manage changes
  • how deal with risk taking
  • unconscious blind spots energizers, and energy drainers
  • how you’ll respond, engage, and handle the stress of starting a business
  • objectively evaluate your team in terms of their capabilities and fi

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