Curious and Creative at 100 years old – Pierre Soulages

December 24th, 2019… Christmas eve…Pierre Soulages today turned 100. What a special day. It feels like a ceremony, spiritual ritual, something to remember despite uncomfort feeling of how to mark this moment, day. Indeed, it is just a thought that I was holding with a joy of going in two days to see his work […]

We are all the same – Andréa Vamos

Andréa is French born artist who merges installation, photography and drawing. I have been following her art expression for the past few years. Her work reflects and emerges from dualities:  her double culture, consciousness and unconsciousness, real and fiction, light and shade, natural and artificial, expected and unexpected, and contradictions between poor and nobles/rich. In […]

From Burning Man principles to Temple Galaxia, Burning Man 2018

Interview with Arthur Mamou-Mani I met Arthur at the press conference at Burning Man, Nevada in 2018. Arthur is French born architect specializing in digitally-designed and fabricated architecture, custom products and interfaces. He has been the first not-US born architect to be selected for Temple installation at Burning Man, 3D printed Temple Galaxia. In September […]

AHA Moment – Surrender – How to Give in? – How to Give up a Need to Control?

When facing fear, we consciously or unconsciously go to a default mode, controlling, exercising our power, planning without leaving space for surprises, magic, learnings… I would like to share one experience of letting go, surrender and transformation. For some time, I’ve had a birthday wish to be driven on a Harley Davidson (HD) and after […]

Change, Transition and Transformation

As a “change lover”, I was so impatient, intrigued and interested in organizational change and this was my initial reason to join the INSEAD Executive program for Change.  My objective was to better understand why organizational changes are failing so often and to learn how to guide individuals and teams through the process of change. […]

Zappos Change Story– Company culture– A Slightly Weird Company Delivering Happiness

Interview with Tyler Williams of Zappos, Fungineer and Head of Experiential Marketing Originally started as an online shoe retailer, Zappos grew from having traditional customer service as a priority to ‘delivering happiness’. After becoming a holacracy organization in 2013, Zappos is currently organized in 500 self-governance teams called circles, which the teams refer to as […]

Reality is relative and I can change things – Olafur Ellisson

During my trip to Istanbul I went to visit İstanbul Modern, museum of modern arts. My attention was taken by one composition of glass balls, probably 100 of them in the irregular structure transparent with reflection of yellow, white and black colors while you walk silently next to them they will continuously changes the shades […]

Patagonia Change Story: Less Is More

“How one step makes the next step possible – a simple lesson but key”. Yvon Chouinard and Vincent Stanley Interview with Vincent Stanley, Patagonia’s Philosophy Director and Chief Storyteller Patagonia has created a long-term environmental purpose, which has evolved over several years while the company has been learning about the potential harm and impact of […]

New Beginning – Power of Dreams

Are you dreaming? What are your dreams, fantasies, fears? What was the last dream that you remember? Do you take time to stay with your dream after waking up? Do you reflect on your dreams? What is your dream telling you? One dream stayed with me for a long time. I was with a group […]